Not interested in status quo? Neither are we.

This summer our middle school teachers came together to hone our vision of our 6-8th grades (ZAP).  We asked the question, “Why do we exist? What are we setting our students up for in the future? Why should people choose to send their kids to Sussex?” After much discussion, reading, and reflecting on what we offer as a school, we got clear in our vision.  We decided we wanted our students to think uncommonly and act exceptionally.

In order to challenge our students to think uncommonly and act exceptionally we developed C7.  C7 develops critical thinking, collaboration, curiosity, communication, courage, creativity, and compassion in our students. C7 is grounded in research from the Harvard University Graduate School of Education’s Change Leadership Group and these traits serve as guides to curriculum development and assessment for our students.

In ZAP we want our students to challenge the status quo, to think differently and act with conviction and intention, because it turns out, we need them to help make the world a better place.