Endowments/ Planned Giving

Student with binocularsA planned gift is any major gift made in lifetime or at death as part of a donor’s overall financial and/or estate planning. Planned gifts such as a charitable gift annuity, lead trusts or bequests may be given to the school and/or the endowment, and may receive significant tax credits depending on a variety of circumstances.

Sussex School Memorial Funds and Endowments:

  • Don and Bente Winston Endowment for Mathematics Education
  • Elizabeth Winston Endowment Fund for Music Education
  • Elizabeth Winston Memorial Endowment Fund for Art Education
  • The Hank and Nancy Harrington Memorial Endowment Fund 
  • Lauranita Hill Memorial Fund for Language Arts Education
  • The Sussex Endowment for Professional Development
  • Theodora Melone Fund for Natural Science and Outdoor Education
  • The Bente Winston Alumni Scholarship Fund
  • Jeremiah K. Thompson Memorial 

To learn more about any of these funds please contact Joellen Shannon, Development and Marketing Director. To donate click here.


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"Sussex’s promotion and encouragement of each child’s self esteem and unique abilities contributed to the success of our granddaughter (Baylee ’11) and our grandson, Blake, who is currently enrolled at Sussex. Experiential learning in small classes led by caring and qualified staff make the difference."

– John and Sherene Menson, grandparents