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Ecothon is a day of service that all students perform for the Missoula community. Students gather pledges from family, friends, and businesses for this day of service and these pledges are used to support spring field trips and expeditions for all grades.

Ecothon community service includes trash pick up, gardening, trail building, support to local non-profit organizations, and other projects that support our city and its neighborhoods. Spring Field trips include visits to local farms and wilderness areas, trips to Ravenwood Environmental Learning Center, Yellowstone National Park, Glacier National Park, Teton National Park, and a sailing trip to Puget Sound.

This year marks 31 years of providing service to Missoula through our Ecothon fundraiser.  Ecothon helps students understand the importance of service while giving them experience in fundraising, communications, and organizing.

Click on the donate button below to give to a student for the 2017 Ecothon. To learn about business sponsorship benefits, click here: Ecothon sponsorship menu 2017


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"Beyond snowball fights with teachers, protracted Math Counts review sessions at Bente’s house, and nights spent counting shooting stars in Utah’s endless deserts, a testimonial of Sussex must describe the collective curiosity instilled in each student. Indeed, by building a collective curiosity, Sussex students grow beyond their own egos, root their trust in the community as a whole, and foster relationships to not only explore and understand the world as an individual, but as a collective."

– Cascade Tuholske ’02