Organizational Structure

Sussex families at Flathead Lake

Sussex School is a parent cooperative in which parents of enrolled students contribute at least 60 hours per year, providing crucial assistance in the classroom, on field trips, on the grounds, and in virtually all areas of school operations. Parents constitute the Sussex School Corporation and participate democratically in decision-making and daily activities. Sussex School is governed by a Board of Directors elected by parents, which sets institutional policy, oversees committees that carry out the school’s goals and procedures, and works with the Director to make decisions in the best interests of the school.

The school board is made up of current parents, a community liaison, an alumnus or alumna of Sussex, and two student representatives. At Sussex, we value the input of students and encourage them to influence decisions at our school.

The Board’s authority is balanced by he broader parent membership and our student community both of which we value immensely. Once the Board makes a decision, it is the Administrative Team’s responsibility, working closely with students, staff, and parents, to ensure that Board policies and decisions are carried out in an effective and open manner.


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"Beyond snowball fights with teachers, protracted Math Counts review sessions at Bente’s house, and nights spent counting shooting stars in Utah’s endless deserts, a testimonial of Sussex must describe the collective curiosity instilled in each student. Indeed, by building a collective curiosity, Sussex students grow beyond their own egos, root their trust in the community as a whole, and foster relationships to not only explore and understand the world as an individual, but as a collective."

– Cascade Tuholske ’02