Scholarship AidAlliance for Choice in Education (ACE)
In addition to the financial aid given by the school, ACE scholarships are also available to Sussex students. If your family qualifies for the federal free school lunch program, then you may qualify for an additional $2,000 per child, per year from ACE. There are a limited number of spots available in this program each year. If you think you may qualify, please contact the Sussex Business Manager to apply.

Bente Winston Alumni Scholarship (BWAS)
This scholarship was created to honor our founder, Bente Winston. If you are an alumnus of Sussex School and you are looking at Sussex School for your children you may qualify for the BWAS. Please contact the Sussex Business Manager to apply.

Elle Shannon Diversity Scholarship Fund
This scholarship helps provide a Sussex education for ethnic minorities in need of financial assistance. This scholarship is paired with financial aid and is awarded through an application process. Contact Sussex for more information and to apply.

Jeremiah K. Thompson Memorial
This fund provides financial assistance to help cover the activity fees for families who take full advantage of the adventure program. Contact the Sussex Business Manager to apply.

The Robyn Reed Gaddy (RRG) Scholarship
Families who have financial need can also apply for the RRG Scholarship. This scholarship was established to honor Robyn Gaddy and her years as the director of Sussex School. Contact Sussex for more information and to apply.


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"Sussex provides so many opportunities for students to find and share their own unique strengths and become well rounded human beings. I am thankful to have been exposed to so much creative thinking and community building at such a young age."

– Kia Lizak ’89