Sussex School Board

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Sussex School is governed by a Board of Directors whose members are elected each year by parents, and who set institutional policy, oversee committees, and work with the Director to make decisions in the best interests of the school. In addition, two student representatives are elected to the board annually.

The Board’s authority is balanced by the authority of the broader parent membership and we value the voice of our parent body. Once the Board makes a decision, it is the Administrative Team’s responsibility, working closely with students, staff, and parents, to ensure that Board policies and decisions are carried out.

Board Policies
Board Bylaws
Board Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors 2016-17
Matt Lubaroff, President
Jake Hansen, Vice President
Robin Checota, Treasurer
Leslie Guerreri, Secretary
Kevin Bell, member
Alice Byrne, member
Carmen Corona, member

Ben Jimenez, alumni representative
Steve Saroff, community liaison
Stephanie Wallace, member
Bente Winston, Founder
Jon Linch, teacher representative


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"Sussex may be the best school I have ever had to the pleasure to attend in my 20+ years of studying. I even convinced my mom to move back to Montana from the Midwest so I could finish my time at Sussex."

– Liz Whiston ’97