The Campus


Sussex School is located in the heart of Missoula on 2.5 acres, central to many neighborhoods in Missoula. Sussex features six main classroom buildings and our newest structure features seven new classrooms and is the first LEED-certified school building in the state of Montana. Construction of this “green” building affirms our school’s values of conservation and environmental stewardship, while demonstrating the benefits of eco-conscious design. Elements include solar panels, locally sourced wood, low-no toxicity paints and finishes, low-flow plumbing, energy efficient windows, solar tubes and radiant heat in the floors.

Our classrooms include a science lab, an acoustically-designed music room, a full kitchen, a full stage, and smart boards to enhance learning. Our campus includes a historic building, a courtyard, an edible school yard, a soccer field, a basketball court, play structures and the infamous ditch, home to the end-of-year water fight and central to recess play during the warm months.


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"Beyond snowball fights with teachers, protracted Math Counts review sessions at Bente’s house, and nights spent counting shooting stars in Utah’s endless deserts, a testimonial of Sussex must describe the collective curiosity instilled in each student. Indeed, by building a collective curiosity, Sussex students grow beyond their own egos, root their trust in the community as a whole, and foster relationships to not only explore and understand the world as an individual, but as a collective."

– Cascade Tuholske ’02