Tuition & Financial Aid


Sussex is a tuition-based school. We receive no federal or state funding. For the 2017-18 school year full tuition is $10,963.

We depend primarily on families paying a fair tuition, but at the same time we hope to make Sussex a viable option for most families in the Missoula area. We accomplish that by providing financial aid to approximately 30% of our students. Financial aid and scholarship opportunities can reduce tuition by more than half based on your financial situation.

Financial Aid

Each year Sussex awards over $100,000 in financial aid to qualifying students.

The amount of aid awarded can vary from year to year depending on a family’s financial situation and that of the other applicants in the financial aid pool.

Sussex uses a 3rd party system to calculate financial aid eligibility. This system takes into account many factors in a family’s overall financial picture in addition to gross income. Financial aid applications are due in February of each year. Please see the admissions calendar for specific dates.

Instructions for the application process:
Please access the application at
Click on the green button titled “COMPLETE YOUR PFS”
Follow the prompts to create an account
The Sussex SSS code is 2395

Financial aid applications are due by 2/27/17 for the 2017-18 school year.
Please contact Gabrielle Sather-Olson, Sussex Business Manager with questions.



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"At Sussex, I had the opportunity to express my own opinion, but better for me I learned how to listen and appreciate the opinions of my classmates. I don’t think I had the open format of classes like Sussex again until I was in college."

– Ted Sousa ’95