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Sussex School

Empowering Students


To Reach Their Potential

Why Sussex School?

Sussex is a K-8 school providing top education in Missoula, MT. 
Through the arts, the outdoors, and challenging curriculum we develop
critical thinking, creativity, courage, and citizenship in all our students.

Our education is student -centered and responsive to the child.  We amplify student voice and participation, honor natural curiosity, and respect childhood.


Students at Sussex School are constantly challenged to analyze, evaluate, question, and present new ideas of value through hands-on, project based learning.


Education is relationship-based with an aim to create a supportive, kind, and inclusive school community.


"As a parent, the most striking thing about Sussex School is how much my kids enjoy going to school. This was a foreign concept at prior places. The engaged faculty, creative opportunities, and an emphasis on learning (rather than busy work) make Sussex School a place where my children thrive."

Andy T., Alumni Parent

Our Programs

We know you want to feel confident that your child is in a learning environment where they are able to reach their potential. That means choosing a school that understands that there is more to a school than classroom learning, homework, and standardized tests. We incorporate these philosophies into our teaching to offer a top education in Missoula, MT.


School should be fun AND challenging. At Sussex, we believe that children learn best through strong relationships and a nurturing environment. That's why we created a curriculum that is challenging and progressive. Students become confident, enthusiastic learners and caring participants in our local and global communities in their years at Sussex.

Former Sussex School students are found all over the world, many with a lifelong passion for learning, a desire for exploration, a penchant for deep-thinking, and a commitment to collaboration and community. Sussex graduates continually return to campus, often sharing memories of a joyous and meaningful educational experience, with relationships that last a lifetime.

Sussex In Action

Sussex In Action

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