Chess Club

Our school has a storied history of chess champs and we are going to continue the tradition with Chess Club.


Students will explore this ancient game, from its history to the basic rules and from strategy to heated competitive matches. Each week, we will focus on new tips and tricks, and students will pair up to put their chess-brains to work. Mainly, our goal will be to have fun while thinking in new ways!

Open to all 3rd- to 8th-grade students! (Limited to 16 students.)


March 28th - April 25th (5 weeks), Mondays after school, 3-4:30 p.m. 

Participants will be invited to “open play” at recess on Fridays.


Where: Social Studies Room/5th-grade Homeroom


Cost: $75.00/student 


 Students will be expected to be proficient in top rope climbing, bouldering techniques, and climbing communication. Students in the advanced group  focus on pushing their abilities through focused training, advanced instruction, and multiple opportunities to climb outside. If students demonstrate focus and competency in these skills, students  have the opportunity to begin learning the basics of lead climbing.