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COVID-19 Response

Health and Safety Protocols


  • Sussex School recommends that all students get vaccinated for Covid-19.

  • Students need to be kept at home if experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 or other illness. In order to return to school, students need to be symptom-free for 24 hours (without fever-reducing medications).

  • Masking is optional at Sussex. However, If your child's class has an active case and the student who tested positive was contagious while on campus, your child's class will be required to wear a mask indoors, and in-vehicle transport, for five calendar days after potential exposure.

  • Sussex School will no longer contact-trace Covid cases, nor recommend quarantines. However, we will continue to inform families of a Covid case in their child’s class if the student was contagious while on campus.​If positive for Covid, your student may return to school after five days from the onset of symptoms, as long as symptoms are improving, but must mask until day ten. After five days, if your students tests negative by two antigen tests taken 48 hours apart they will no longer be required to mask indoors. 

  • Parents and visitors will be allowed to enter campus for special events, volunteering, and tours. Please make an appointment with teachers and staff for meetings. ​

  • Hand-washing protocols and hand sanitation are in place for staff and students.

  • Buses/cars should travel with windows down when feasible, and students and staff/parents have the option to mask. 

  • Students have the option to eat lunch outside or inside. If students and staff choose to eat indoors, we will encourage students to reasonably distance themselves while eating. 

  • ​In order to increase airflow, we will keep windows open when possible and ventilation systems (ERVs) will be utilized. HEPA filters will be used in every classroom.​ ​If Missoula is experiencing poor air quality due to wildfire smoke (unhealthy for sensitive groups-orange or higher), ERVs will not be able to operate and windows may not be open. This constitutes an increased risk of indoor transmission and therefore masking will be encouraged.

Teaching and Learning Approach

  • On-campus learning for all students, all grades, all day. The school schedule will remain intact. Outdoor learning is utilized and encouraged.

  • ​All other school- and extended-day programming is in place. 

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