COVID-19 Response

2021/2022 Sussex School Re-Opening Plan 

Sussex School is projecting to start in-person learning for all grades/all days for the 2021/22 school year. However, this is subject to change based on disease growth of Covid-19 in Missoula County and the ever-evolving nature of Covid-19 information. The protocols below will be used to reduce contagion and to keep our students and staff healthy and safe. These protocols are also subject to change and additions may be made. The community will be informed of changes via our weekly newsletter. 


Sussex Directives for In-Person Education

Health and Safety Protocols

  • All eligible groups are strongly encouraged to get the Covid-19 vaccine. 

  • Masks are required for all students and staff while indoors. Masks are required outside unless physical distancing can be maintained. Parents will follow the same guidelines as staff if visiting campus. Staff may remove masks indoors if alone in their classroom. 

  • Students will be physically distanced in classrooms (3 feet), when possible, to reduce contagion. Seating charts utilized.

  • In order to increase airflow, we will keep doors and windows open as much as possible to increase air circulation and ventilation. Classroom fans and ventilation systems (ERVs) will be utilized. HEPA filters will be used in every classroom.

  • Staggered start and end times for lower and upper school; lunch and recess also staggered for upper and lower school.

  • Pick-up and drop-off protocols: parents must wait outside campus fencing to retrieve students. Please make an appointment to visit campus with staff. Parents and visitors will be allowed to enter campus for special events, volunteering, and tours. Masking protocol will be followed. 

  • Hand-washing protocols for staff and students instructed and delineated. Best practices for reducing contagion of Covid and other infections discussed with students.

  • Buses/cars should travel with windows down when feasible, and students and staff/parents will wear face masks while traveling. No food or drink consumed while in vehicles.

  • Students will eat lunch outside unless temperatures are below freezing. If indoors, students need to distance at least 3 feet while eating.

  • If Missoula is experiencing poor air quality due to wildfire smoke, students will learn indoors with masks and HEPA filters. Neither ERVs nor open doors or windows will be utilized if air quality is poor due to wildfire smoke.

  • Students need to be kept at home if experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 or if otherwise ill. In order to return to school, students will need a negative Covid test or be symptom-free for 24 hours (without fever-reducing medications).

Teaching and Learning Approach

  • On-campus learning for all students, all grades, all day. The school schedule will remain intact. Outdoor learning is utilized and encouraged.

  • Mixed-aged learning will resume for 1st–8th grades.

  • If a case of Covid is identified in a class/cohort, the class may need to switch to remote learning.

  • Enrichment/Aftercare Programs will resume. Health and safety protocols apply. 

  • Facilities rentals and in-person tours during the school day will resume. Tour goers will need to wear masks when indoors.

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