Enrichment & Summer Programs


If you’re looking to learn all kinds of clever problem-solving strategies and improve your competence with mathematics across the board, you’d be hard pressed to outdo the Mathcounts program. Mathcounts has been a staple extracurricular activity at the Sussex School since Bente Winston brought it onboard more than 30 years ago. During her tenure, Sussex School garnered a reputation for mathematical prowess, and that tradition carries on to present day.

Outdoor Programming

The Sussex Outdoor and Adventure Program offers students a variety mental and physical challenges while spending time in the wild spaces around Missoula. Sussex students have the opportunity to learn how to rock climb inside and outside, backcountry ski, paddle, trail run, and mountain bike. Students are able to build foundational skills in these outdoor pursuits that will allow them to become independent outside. 

Drama Productions

Every other year, interested Sussex students in grades five through eight prepare and perform a drama or musical production as part of supplemental enrichment. 


Past productions have included “Seussical, Jr.,” “Fame,” and “Willy Wonka, Jr.”

Band & Music Ensembles

The Sussex after-school music ensembles were created to offer a variety of music learning opportunities for students. These include but are not limited to performance ensembles that culminate in the Advanced Performance Ensemble that performs a minimum of four times per year at different locations around Missoula. We also offer an introduction to digital music production and songwriting workshops as well as other ensemble offerings.

Battle of the Books

Take your reading to the next level with this fun competition. This enrichment program occurs both after school and during the school day (lunches, etc) and is a great way to team up with other students and compete in the literacy realm. 

Magic the Gathering

This club is designed to give students a space to play the game, Magic the Gathering. Third through fifth grade students will learn new ways to play, strategies for building and piloting decks, and will gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of the game.  

Summer Programs

Missoula Outdoor Explorers Summer Camps

Week 1:  FULL June 13th-17th 9AM - 3PM Grades K-2

Week 2: FULL June 20th-24th 9AM - 3PM Grades 3-5 

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Chess Club

Ready to have fun and think in new ways?

Chess Club will be an opportunity to explore this ancient game, from its history to the basic rules and from strategy to heated competitive matches. Each week, we will focus on new tips and tricks, and students will pair up to put those chess-brains to work. 

Lego Robotics

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Is your student interested in learning to code? Do they enjoy building with Legos?

This five-week afterschool program will teach the basics of coding using Lego Mindstorm EV3 robotic kits! Students will build a functioning robot, build blocks of code, and ultimately program their robot to participate in a variety of tasks.