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Wisdom Morsels Celebrate Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking is one of our four values that our school strives to thread into our everyday. Sussex students investigate how to ask relevant questions, make coherent decisions, evaluate complex material, develop ingenuity, and seek alternative perspectives. At Sussex we develop good judgement by asking questions.

When we dug in a bit (thanks Carolyn!) we discovered some inspiring nuggets of everyday wisdom - huge applause to our incredible teachers! We are so happy you're here.

Kris- believes "every child has an innate genius" and her role as teacher, facilitator, mentor, and sometimes learning coach, she is driven to create the optimal conditions that allow that essence to emerge. Kris strives to

see children from an appreciative and strengths-based perspective and to balance who they are now

with who they are becoming, inviting their personal voice and agency.

Eric- grasps a unique "understanding the richness of life and the depth of human experience", he loves learning about life and self-realization in the pursuit of happiness and belonging in community. He sees education as the interpersonal exploration of discovery, creativity, and relationship.

Joe- provides space for students to listen to their own thoughts and feelings about the difficult task of being human. He loves to dive into the dreaded gray areas of society and to let students lead the exploration. He thinks that social studies is an amazing place to get excited about learning, to challenge preconceptions, to build contextual understanding, and to examine (and change) the world with wonder and nuance.

Bridger- believes "we learn best when the knowledge and skill is applicable to us, in our community. I strive to allow students opportunities to question their world, and to give them space to build, observe, and use their hands".

Matt- believes "good education is both a system of conscious proleptic acculturation and a mutable framework of understanding that ably adapts to novel information.  Teachers are agents of education, and their job is to arrange the social and material environment to maximize a student's ability and willingness to learn,".

Daniel- practices an "individualized approach and understanding of who the child is".

Megan- believes that "all students are unique, learning in their own ways,". She builds a sense of ownership and confidence in her student's learning. 

Josh- believes "that playing as much as talking provides a stronger foundation".

Shannon- emphasizes "the process of creating rather than the product. She focuses on developing student's ability to think creatively, building the skills necessary to solve difficult problems,".

Rosie- believes that "learning is experiential, evolving, and reflective,". She offers a positive, collaborative classroom environment where students feel safe taking risks, being vulnerable, and exploring their own identities.

Chauncey- cultivates "an empathetic atmosphere where all students feel safe to share their ideas and values,".

Kim- strives "to provide a learning environment that supports a strong sense of wonder, honors creativity, and values everyone’s unique intelligences,".

Betsy- encourages students "to reach their highest potential through exploration, creativity, and hands-on experiences,".

Madeline- strives "to empower her students to think critically for themselves, take risks and ask questions,". Her focus is on creating lifelong learners, who are engaged and passionate in the process, and who take ownership and pride in their work.

Thank you teachers!

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