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At Sussex School Virtual Junior High, our mission is to provide expanded access for new students to a challenging, progressive curriculum in a nurturing environment through remote learning, so that children can become confident, enthusiastic learners and caring participants in their local and global communities. 


Sussex Virtual Junior High School (SVS) offers dynamic online learning experiences for students working at

7th–9th-grade levels that are personalized and teacher-supported,

with synchronous and asynchronous instruction.


SVS students form their own cohort and online community. SVS students have the opportunity to meet at the Missoula campus once a semester where they participate in community-building activities with their cohort (depending on COVID restrictions).



Students of SVS build relationships with their teachers, who act as guides through the learning process. Since the curriculum at SVS is significantly adaptable to student interest and ability, students are able to use their passions to infuse meaning and relevance to the material. 


SVS is delivered remotely, with synchronous (real-time) and asynchronous (independent) learning opportunities. Through project-based lessons and discrete-learning platforms, SVS students have the opportunity to learn new skills and knowledge and then to apply them in authentic, dynamic ways. 



The SVS program is interdisciplinary by design, so students take classes in STEM, Humanities, and the Arts and spend a significant amount of time on projects that call on applying knowledge and skill from many disciplines.  


SVS students are encouraged to create clubs and participate in community outreach; further, students are required to design and work on a service-learning project, overseen by their advisor. 


$1,350/quarter (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer)

Quarters are 10 weeks in length and will only run if a minimum of five students are enrolled.

Tuition assistance is not available at this time.

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