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Ecothon, a longstanding Sussex School tradition, will take place during the school day on April 25, 2023. The entire school will give back to our community through a day of service, and Upper School students (5th–8th grades) will raise donations to support our school’s annual fund.

This year marks the 36th year of giving back to both the school and the community. Service projects include land restoration, helping at local nonprofits Free Cycles and Garden City Harvest, and litter pick-up in our own neighborhood. Parent volunteers are invited to participate! 


The Project Overview By Grade (see right column) details each class project. Don’t miss the packing lists to help set your student up for success. The 5th–8th grade students will participate in the fundraising component of the event. Please support your student as they ask friends, businesses, and family to donate to our school in support of their community service efforts. Talking points & script available HERE for inspiration.


Students are expected to meet their goal. Surpassing the minimum will help their class meet its overall goal. 

5th grade: $50/student
6th grade: $100/student
7th grade: $150/student
8th grade: $300/student 

Raising money for a worthy cause is a valuable skill to gain. Staff will work with students to help them learn how to properly solicit donations. Need ideas for sponsors? Email the office for names of donors and businesses who can be called on for help. Their donations can be tracked by making a copy of the donation tracking form. 

Online by clicking HERE

  • (Enter your student’s name after clicking the “submit” button)

On your student’s custom fundraising page

  • Instructions for setting up a personal page can be found HERE

→ By Mail

  • Donors can mail checks to the Sussex Office:

    • 1800 South 2nd St. WestMissoula, MT 59801.

  • Your student can personalize this letter.

→ Through a Business Sponsorship

March 29: Fundraising kick-off.

April 3: New to Ecothon or new to Sussex?

April 8: Have a new donor in mind?

  • Email the office to "clear" a new donor ask. (This prevents multiple students making the same request.) 

April 15: Sign up to drive students or help with a service project.

April 22: Instructions for Parent Helpers/Drivers emailed.

April 25: Ecothon Day of Service! Fundraising Deadline.  


Email or call 406-549-8327.

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