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Our Values

Our Mission

At Sussex School, our mission is to provide a challenging, progressive curriculum in a nurturing environment, so that students can become confident, enthusiastic learners and caring participants in their local and global communities.

Our Values

As part of our efforts to provide the best education in Missoula, MT, our core values display the importance of a well-rounded education. Hover over the values below to discover more about their individual places in our progressive education.



Sussex students investigate how to ask relevant questions, make coherent decisions, evaluate complex material, develop ingenuity, and seek alternative perspectives.  At Sussex we develop good judgement by asking questions.


Sussex students are encouraged to make new connections and generate original ideas that have value.  Imagination and innovation are fostered through the development of students interests and passions. At Sussex we incubate fresh thinking in the systems that

surround us.


Sussex students understand how to persevere when confronted with difficulty or fear, lean into challenges, embrace mistakes as learning opportunities, and value debate and discussion.

At Sussex we encourage students to discover their best selves by taking risks.


Sussex students experience the value of community participation and learn how to communicate ideas and beliefs effectively, listen compassionately, disagree civilly, and effect positive change collaboratively. At Sussex we build leaders and changemakers.

8:1 Kindergarten

16:1 Grades 3-8

16:1 Grades 1-2* 
An assistant teacher works in the first & second grade classroom halftime, for a 8:1 ratio during half the day. 

15 Average Class Size

Sussex School Student Teacher Ratio

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