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Challenging Curriculum

At Sussex School, learning is hands-on and project-based. Students are offered real-world, challenging learning opportunities from studying robotics in STEM to examining social justice issues in social studies or integrating music and drama. Through collaboration and iteration Sussex is able to provide a top notch education in Missoula, Montana.


Every student has the opportunity to be seen and heard and are encouraged to contribute their voice. School engagement and leadership opportunities at Sussex School are rich and varied, students:


Sit on hiring committees

Serve as board members

Plan and support talent shows and school dances

Serve as a representative voice on curriculum issues

Lead school gatherings

Work on inclusivity and tolerance initiatives

Organize peaceful demonstrations

Participate in service learning

Early Years
Students at Sussex School are constantly challenged to analyze, evaluate, and question and are encouraged to present new ideas of value. In the early years (grades K–2), students work on authentic projects to create a foundation of integrated-subject learning, collaborative process, and student-driven solutions.


Later Elementary

Later elementary students (grades 3–5) transition to more independent project work. Students create questions of their choosing that hone research, non-fiction reading and writing, information synthesizing, and presentation skills.


Upper School

The upper school years (6–8) support our challenging curriculum philosophy by encouraging critical thinking through inquiry across all core subjects and providing numerous opportunities for students to consider, write and present about, and work on complex issues.

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