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Welcome Back!

A Special Welcome to Our New Students, Families, and Staff!

First Day of School | Wednesday, August 30 

As the summer days wane, a new academic adventure awaits us all. It's time to reunite with friends and teachers, share stories of our time away, and make new memories together. This year promises to be filled with opportunities for growth and learning, where we'll expand our knowledge, discover new interests, and develop essential skills for the future. Here's some general information to get this fantastic year started!


Parent Alert: Important announcements and time-sensitive bulletins via text. 


Email: Please make sure we have an updated and frequently-checked email for you. Look out for

  • All-school newsletter sent out weekly on Mondays

  • K-4 homeroom weekly email

  • 5th-8th biweekly email


Family Portal: Family Portal District Code is SS-MT. Check on the website and FACTS for  board info; the Community Handbook; parent hours info and reporting (FACTS); and the school calendar.


Absent or Late: Important to call (406-549-8327) or email by 9am if your child is going to be absent or late to school. Students arriving late must check in at the office before going to class or when leaving class, if leaving early. 

Calendar: Please click here for the school-year calendar. To sync the all-school Google calendar to your digital calendar, please click here or request the office share it with you via email.


For communication questions contact Virginia.

Student Records


All Kindergarten and New Families: Immunization records due at the office via email or snail mail by Monday, August 21. Sorry, no faxes. Click here if you need the religious exemption form, which should be notarized. 


 7th Grade: All 7th Graders must have a Tdap booster. Please bring or send documentation by Monday, August 21. 

Drop-Off, Pick-Up, Parent Visits, & Parking 


Drop-off/ pick-up is at curbside. Parents are welcome to come onto campus for special events, to help in the classroom, to meet with teachers by appointment, and to volunteer. On the first day of school, parents are invited onto campus for coffee and music in the morning.

Drop-Off Times

K–4th: 8:15 - 8:25 | Classes Begin at 8:25

5th–8th: 8:30 - 8:40 | Classes Begin at 8:40

Early-Out Thursdays

K–4th grade out at 1:45pm 

5th–8th grades out at 2:00pm 

Pick-Up Times

K–4th: 2:45–2:55 | Please Be Prompt

5th–8th: 3:00–3:10 | Please Be Prompt

AfterCare is Available for K-5

Extra-Early-Out Days: 11/9, 12/20, and 5/2 


K–4th grade out at 11:45am

5th–8th grades out at noon

Our little street can get quite congested during the drop-off and pick-up times of day. Please be respectful of your fellow Sussex parents and of our school neighbors!  

  • Staggered drop-off and pick-up times help reduce traffic congestion, so please arrive within your designated time. 

  • The drive-through lane is only for quick drop-offs and pick-ups; it greatly adds to congestion and frustration if you leave your car parked in this lane!  

  • If you leave your car, you must park in the lot, or on 2nd, Catlin, or Garfield Streets. Please do not block the drive-through lane or our neighbors’ driveways, lots, or parking spaces. 

  • The very successful Park & Walk program will start up again in September, thanks to the Sussex Parent Association.


Sustainable Transportation Plan: Thanks for continuing to choose sustainable transportation. See SPA for sustainable transportation options. 

School Supplies
School Notebook


Aug 31 - Zap/Zep

Sept 1 - Zip

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Middle School Adventure Program
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