80 Field Trips


7:1 Student-Teacher Ratio

4-6 Year-Olds

Kindergarten at Sussex School is led by “Missoula’s Best Kindergarten Teacher." At Sussex, kindergartners have direct instruction through a low student to teacher ratio and become explorers with over eighty field trips a year. Working hand-in-hand with other parts of our program, they experience a vibrant curriculum that seeks to instill a love of learning, provide a sense of community, and support more physical and academic independence.


In Kindergarten, students work on authentic projects to create a foundation of integrated-subject learning, have many opportunities for a collaborative process, and are provided with situations for student-driven solutions. Kindergartners create, and discover in a community where kindness is modeled and life is celebrated daily.


The Kindergarten Academic Foundation includes language arts, mathematics, integrated social studies & science, art, music, movement, foreign language, and physical education. We challenge our students and encourage them to take risks and make mistakes with the care and support of their teachers. In addition to our curriculum, students participate in service learning projects with the Watershed Education Network, take swimming lessons at the YMCA, and are active members of the ski program.

Each Kindergartener “Little” has an eighth-grade “Big.” Big & Little time includes literacy-based activities, art projects, holiday celebrations, and opportunities to develop a mentor-mentee relationship. Beyond the daily emphasis on kindness, inclusion, and acceptance, kindergarten students are taught interpersonal skills and positive communication language through TOOLBOX, the nationally-recognized social-emotional learning, and development program.

"The feeling that each child’s voice matters, that kids are smart enough to have a say in their own education, that everyone learns differently and shouldn’t be expected to learn in a one size fits all model, that elementary school is about learning how to get along with others, how to work together, and how to figure out how best YOU learn. These are the things that I come back to when I think about my awesome preschool through eighth grade years."

Brette Pedrick, Class of 1992

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