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Upper School: Grades 5-8

The Upper School years at Sussex School are an important time to foster a love of education and exploration, be pushed to a learning edge, establish meaningful adult relationships beyond the family, and begin to seek opportunities for self-actualization. At Sussex, the upper school years are still wonder years: a time to explore the outdoors, find an artistic conduit for self-expression, and engage in a dynamic curriculum.

"Perhaps one of the most enduring lessons I learned from Sussex is that it is not only about being aware of what we are given but also what we are able to give in return."

Ben Jimenez, Class of 1991


As upper school students are able to understand more complex questions, subject matter is integrated across disciplines whenever possible, and problem-solving techniques and creativity are employed to approach study.


Lessons include robotics, social justice issues, poetry, ceramics, electric guitar, and rock climbing, to name a few. These lessons come together in Upper School to compose a top education in Missoula, Montana.


To encourage continued language development, students choose a foreign language which is taught through an online learning platform.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development

At Sussex School, the upper years are a time of deep learning and engaged citizenship. In order to create a community environment and learn authentic leadership skills, students act as "Bigs," and mentor younger students. 

In addition, students participate in service learning and leadership development opportunities throughout the school year. 


Upper school students are also given numerous opportunities to lead and improve the school. In the past, students have started a school newspaper, spearheaded new clubs, petitioned for change on campus, created new learning opportunities in the classroom, organized food drives, and more. At Sussex School, the upper school years are a time of deep learning and engaged citizenship.

Eighth graders participate in a high school readiness advisory class which covers leadership, values, coping mechanisms, substance abuse, consent, technology use in mid-late adolescence; test preparation, study skills, high school readiness; and eighth-grade graduation speeches.  

Adventure Program

Students experience the beauty and excitement of the outdoors through Sussex School’s Adventure Program. Students take risks and develop courage and collaboration through physical pursuits. 


The program includes mountain biking, paddling, and rock climbing. In the winter, a ski/snowboard program is also offered.

Adventure Program

"Sussex education has meant deep engagement with teachers and students, which has given me the confidence to speak up and ask questions, even beyond school grounds. I’ve also fostered unique relationships that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise."


Elle Checota, Class of 2019

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