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Admissions At Sussex

Student Teacher Ratio

8:1 Kindergarten 

16:1 Lower School

16:1 Upper School


Faculty & Staff


Thank you for your interest in Sussex School!


Since its founding in 1971, Sussex School has been dedicated to providing a progressive learning environment that enables students to become motivated, mindful members of any community. Our flexible learning environment allows students to be engaged, work collaboratively as well as independently, and to find success in, and passion for, school, learning, and our world.



Nondiscrimination statement

Sussex School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin, religion, sex, gender, or disability that can be reasonably accommodated, nor other legally protected status in the administration of its admissions policies, tuition assistance, or other school-administered programs. 


"As a parent, the most striking thing about Sussex is how much my kids enjoy going to school. This was a foreign concept at prior places. The engaged faculty, creative opportunities, and an emphasis on learning (rather than busy work) make Sussex School a place where my children thrive."

Andy Tegeder, current parent

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