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If you’re looking to learn all kinds of clever problem-solving strategies and improve your competence with mathematics across the board, you’d be hard pressed to outdo the MathCounts program. MathCounts has been a staple extracurricular activity at Sussex School since Bente Winston brought it onboard over 30 years ago. During her tenure, Sussex School garnered a reputation for mathematical prowess, and that tradition carries on in the present day. Bente Winston and alumni parent Lisa Klempay have kindly volunteered to assist with the coaching again next year, so your students will be learning from the best.


The fee schedule for MathCounts is staged because it will be necessary to pare the number of participants down over the course of the program.  

  • Initial weeks: free for any 6th–8th grader who would like to try it out.

  • First round/group: $100 per student.

  • Final team: additional $200 per student.

  • Submit payment on the Parent Portal

Practice Schedule

For the 2022/23 season, practice sessions will begin on Monday, November 7 with the schedule of Mondays after school, 3:15–5:00. Another day after school may become necessary.

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