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An Ode to the Sussex Grandparent & Family Friend

Today we celebrate Grandparent & Family Friend Day here on the Sussex School campus. Did you know that this is an annual celebration throughout the world this time of year? Students near and far at many different kinds of schools (public, private, independent, charter, etc.) invite their elders and special friends onto campus for a joyous day of sharing. Normally we would invite any grandparents and family friends to join us on campus for a live presentation, student-lead musical entertainment, and experience shadowing their student within their daily schedule. However, Covid shifted things a bit for us and many other schools.

This year marks our second virtual Grandparent & Family Friend Day event. While we look forward to 2023 in hopes that we can be together in person, we planned for a virtual event this year to play it safe. In no way does this take away from our deep appreciation and gratefulness for our grandparent and family friend community. We send hugs and good tidings.

Grandparents and Family Friends, thank you for supporting our school. We notice that some of you schlep our students to and fro. You pack their lunches. You chaperone our field trips. You donate generously to our annual Winter Warmer auction. You sponsor individual students during our annual Ecothon event. You are often clapping loudest in our Talent Show audience. You smile and wave during events like the Sorting Hat, Back-to-School Night, and musical showcases. You show up by supporting our families. You “like” our Instagram posts with a smattering of hearts and blown kisses. You support your family’s choice to invest in an elementary and middle school education that provides their child with a strong foundation—values rooted in the arts, the outdoors, and a challenging curriculum. You challenge your grandchildren and special friends with good queries and genuine interest because you are invested in their growth, their critical thinking, and their aspirations big and small. We see you, and we are grateful for you.

A recent NYT article highlighted a new wave of split generation housing. Grandchildren and grandparents are more than ever before leaning on one another, both figuratively and literally. They are choosing to thrive together in one family home, generations apart and yet finding solace and comfort in company, decreased housing costs, and a balanced state of being. These are not easy times, but together, families are becoming stronger by staying connected. Here at Sussex, we want to stay connected too. If you are interested in hearing more frequent updates about our school experience, please reach out to our office to be added to a special mailing list. Expect two to three updates per school year, including new videos, photos, interviews, and highlights. If you aren’t already, please consider following us on Instagram @sussexschool71 or Facebook/Sussex School.

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Perhaps you’d even like to write your own blog post? If you’re interested, please submit up to 500 words about anything fun and relevant to Sussex School. Thanks, Grandparents & Family Friends! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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