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An exceptional education is not possible through tuition alone. As an independent school and a nonprofit, Sussex depends on fundraising as a revenue stream to meet the difference between what tuition covers and what it costs to educate our students. Sussex School provides a challenging, relevant curriculum where all students have access to a child-centered and joyful education.


  • 33% of our families receive financial assistance.

  • We provide a highly-coveted drama experience for all ages, giving students the opportunity to develop courage, confidence, and trust.

  • Our art studio is overflowing with inspiring installations where students are encouraged and supported to discover and fuel their individual creativity and voice.

  • The music department has instruments in all shapes, sounds, and sizes. Students are given the opportunity to experience the art and craft of song, dance, rhythm, relevant technology, and ensemble bands.

  • Outdoor adventures run the gamut from rock climbing to trail running, hockey, classic sports, group fun, and independent play.


THESE are the opportunities that make our school unique, where our students THINK, PLAY, and THRIVE. Our goal for the annual fund this year is $150,000, the most we have ever set out to garner. Please help us to get there by donating generously to this fund. Tax-deductible donations are essential to the health and vitality of our school.

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to Grandparent &

Family Friend Day 2022!

Today we reflect upon exactly what a Sussex education means to our students. We gathered new perspectives from current students, recent alumni, and even a few words (and newly published books!) from alumni thriving in professions worldwide. 

Also, a huge shout out to our Class of 2018 graduates... they have recently graduated from high school and are off to an inspiring list of universities and adventures.

Don a hat!.png

We celebrate Don Winston, a MOST special & honored friend of Sussex School. Perhaps the original Family Friend, and the epitome of a true benefactor - we pay our respects.

Purchase a *new* hat for YOU or choose to gift to any student. We can ship, or please add a note during your transaction, and we'll make sure it gets to the right student here at school!

Enjoy our latest article, "An Ode to the Sussex Grandparent Community" published just for today!


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We are grateful as always for our time with your grandchild or family friend. We hold tightly to the hope that we will be in-person next year!

Please consider supporting our school. October 14-21 ONLY - a free hat of your choosing for donations of $100 or more!




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