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Magic The Gathering (MTG) is a trading-card game that many students are already very excited about. This club is designed to give students a space to play the game in addition to learning new ways to play, strategies for building and piloting decks, and gaining a deeper understanding of the complexities of the game. MTG can be incredibly fun while also teaching math, game theory, and logical reasoning. The trading aspect is also fun for some, but Sussex will provide cards for those who don't have them to limit the game's "pay-to-play" aspect. That being said, if anyone has old cards or would like to donate new ones, the club would appreciate it, as that helps to ensure new players have access to a wider variety of strategies.


  • Thursdays 4:00–4:50

  • Session 1: Sept 5th - Oct 25th

  • Session 2: Oct 30th - Dec 19th

  • Session 3: Jan 3rd - March 14th

  • Session 4: March 25th - May 16th

  • Grades 3–8; limit 12 per session

  • Open to the Public

  • $165/Session

Magic The Gathering

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