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Did you know that your child was born musical? It’s true! Your little one can learn to dance and sing just as naturally as they learn to walk and talk. Music Together helps children of all ages—from babies to 5-year-olds—discover their inner music-maker by playing with the grownups they love. (That’s you!) The magic of music is inside all of us. We can help you discover it—together! Spend quality time with your little one and meet other new moms and dads in a Music Together class near you. As you sing, dance, and play, you’ll learn lots of musical ways to support your baby’s development.


  • Tuesdays 10:15–11:00

  • Sessions 1-4

  • Ages 6mos–5 Years; limit 12

  • Open to the Public

  • $240/Session


Session 1; 9/12–11/14
Session 2; 11/28–12/19
Session 3; 1/2–3/26
Session 4; 4/2–6/4

Music Together®

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