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Sussex School accepts applications for kindergarten-ready four-year-olds through eighth graders on a rolling basis, as space allows. Known as the best education in Missoula, MT, Sussex provides a flexible learning environment where children are expected to work collaboratively and independently, and meet academic challenges. Students must also demonstrate kindness, inclusion, and acceptance of peers. Therefore, we believe it is in our community's best interest to accept only those students for whom we can make a reasonable prediction of success in our unique, progressive education program.

Sussex School seeks a diverse population and does not discriminate against applicants based on race, creed, color, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation. We are committed to making our school affordable for families by offering robust tuition assistance and scholarship opportunities.

If the prospective student will be entering 5th-8th grade, a most recent report card is also required to be considered for admission. If the prospective student will be entering Kindergarten, we recommend that the student has turned five by Sept. 10. If your child's birthday is on the cusp and they seem ready to enter Kindergarten as a four-year-old, please explain in your application. 

Please note: The application does not have a save option; we recommend keeping the application form open in your browser tab until you submit it so that you do not lose work. 

  Section 1 of 8: Student Information  

 Section 2 of 8: Primary Household Information 

 Section 3 of 8: Secondary Household Information 

Fill out if applicable. If not applicable, please jump to School History Here.

 Section 4 of 8: School History 

If applicable, please tell us more about the school(s) your student has attended. 

 Section 5 of 8: Tell Us About Your Student  

Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability. 

 Section 6 of 8:  For Middle School Students Only  

Please have any incoming Middle School students fill out this section. 

 Section 7 of 8: Tuition and Assistance  

Tuition will be paid by
Do you intend to apply for a scholarship?

 Section 8 of 8: Agreements  

I/We understand that the enrollment of our child is contingent upon the prompt payment of the required tuition.
I/We understand that the enrollment of our child is contingent upon the commitment of 20 hours per quarter (60 hours per school year) of parent volunteer time.
I/We authorize teachers, employees, and agents of Sussex School to contact teachers, principals, and other staff at named schools and any named references in this application.
I/We authorize a release of information for all named schools and references to Sussex School at 1800 South Second St. West, Missoula, MT 59801.
I understand that my application isn't valid until I pay the application fee of $25.00.

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

If you wish to apply for additional children, please fill out a separate application for each child.

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