Leadership & Board of Directors

Sussex School operates as a parent cooperative under two co-directors, Daphne Braun and Joellen Shannon. Their shared directorship demonstrates the value of collaboration and all important decisions are made in partnership with the Board of Directors. 

The Board of Directors are elected by Sussex parents and set general policies, oversee committees, and work alongside the co-directors to improve the Sussex Experience. The board is made up of current parents, the founder, a community liaison, an alumni member, and two student representatives. When making decisions, the Sussex Board takes parent and student viewpoints into account. It is the administrative team's responsibility to work with the community to implement new strategy and ensure understanding.


As a whole, Sussex School's leadership is focused on looking towards the future and making decisions in the best interest of the students.

Board of Directors

Leigh Griffing: President

Sheena Winterer: Vice President

Tracy McDonald: Treasurer

Lisa Whitcomb: Secretary

Ange Anderson: Member-at-Large

Matt Dente: Member-At-Large

Ali Kelly: Member-At-Large

Nick Kujawa: Member-At-Large

Matt Semanoff: Member-At-Large

Coby Stone: Member-At-Large

Ben Jimenez: Alumni Liaison

Bente Winston: Founder of Sussex School

Betsy Craske: Teacher Representative

Christy Deskins: Teacher Representative

Jayne Kulina: Student Representative

Lovis Tegeder: Student Representative


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